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One of the guiding principles of our shop is that everyone should be able to enjoy art. DazzleDiamondArt is a convenient and interactive space for both art enthusiasts and collectors to find pieces that cater to a wide array of tastes. With convenient shipping options and easy to use search options, you’ll easily find your next masterpiece. Not sure where to start? Get in touch and one of our knowledgeable team members will happily guide you through the art selection process.

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Ash Marcus has served as the company’s Curator since 2000. Passionate about service and innovation, Ash Marcus believes that providing a cutting edge Online Art Store serves the entire artistic community—artists and art lovers alike. Ash Marcus works closely with our partners and clients to ensure an enjoyable and satisfactory experience.


Business Development Manager

From the moment they could draw with crayons, Charlie McMann knew their life would revolve around art and design. Since Charlie McMann joined DazzleDiamondArt as Business Development Manager, our Online Art Store has experienced a fresh injection of creativity and valuable experience. A true art lover, Charlie McMann strives to share their passion and help connect beautiful pieces with happy new owners.

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Creative Director

As an experienced Creative Director, Jordan Parker is dedicated to sharing their passion for art and technology. An expert in their field, Jordan Parker spares no effort to support our clients as they explore and discover their favorite art. Jordan Parker is always happy to harness their knowledge and expertise to the benefit of others.

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